Kriya Hotels A premier hotel management company

Opportunity awaits…

…but it never waits long. Kriya Hotels, a premier hotel management company, is prepared to act swiftly, be decisive and deliver results. Our extensive experience in the hotel industry, deep market knowledge and top talent affords us the ability to act quickly while never acting in haste. Our footprint allows us to remain a very nimble hotel firm which allows us to discover and capitalize on market opportunities.  We are able to deliver these results, at any point within the hotel and economic life cycle, to our investors, clients and stakeholders.

Kriya Hotels is a complete hotel investment and hotel management company that lives and breathes hotels.

Our areas of focus include hotel management, conceptual planning, revenue management, internet marketing & presence, consulting, hotel technology, construction/renovation management, and much more. Our hotel experience and expertise spans several aspects of the hotel industry giving us the ability to give our clients a full 360 degree approach.


Asset Management

Asset Management

Let us grow the value of your portfolio through our extensive use of hospitality assessments and benchmarks to ensure optimization in every area.

Hotel Development

Hotel Development

Discover our proven ability to maximize potential for any new property with completely customized Hotel Development services.

Hotel Accounting

Hotel Accounting

The only way to deliver on all levels is to have a finger on the pulse. We achieve this through daily accounting from our experienced in-house accounting team.


Our strong relationships with the major branded hotel groups means we can work on your behalf, deliver efficiencies, and offer superior results.

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We Are a Premier Hotel Investment, Management & Consulting Firm

We believe the ability to deliver for long term performance is a true measure of our performance.